Your Traders Guide to Forex Trading with HY Markets

FCA registered HY Markets is one arm of the Henyep Group, with all the benefits of 30 years of financial industry experience. From their base in London they ensure that their Forex trading is both reliable and secure.

Which Trading Platforms do HY Markets Offer

hy markets - top broker

  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Leverage: 1:200
  • Regulation: FSA

Investors who choose HY Markets as their chosen Forex broker can have the advantage of choosing from different trading platforms, suited to the individual needs of both experienced and novice users. Although some of these platforms require PC downloads, others are perfect for traders on the go as they are fully accessible through mobile devices.

These trading platforms each offer productive charting and analytical tools to improve the trading experience as well as a user friendly interface. Financial transactions are completely secure and safe thanks to HY Markets’ encryption systems so investors can place their funds into accounts confidently.

Are There Different Account Types Available?

Depending on a trader’s needs, there are different account types than can be accessed. Those with the most expertise can deposit more than $5000 in order to open a HY Pro Trader high level account with its own specific leverage and spread. Those with less experience can choose from a Mini account with a deposit of just $50 ideally suited to the needs of novice investors, a Standard account for those with would prefer to deposit $750 or a Premium account for expert traders with a $2500 deposit. Anyone wishing to try the HY Markets’ trading platforms or would like to try out their skills before committing any funds can access a free demonstration account.

Other Important Information About HY Markets

There is no commission charged on a HY Markets’ transactions, with a promise of no hidden costs or fees.

Mini, Standard and Premium account holders can look forward to a spread of 1.8 while those who have invested in a HY Pro Trader account can enjoy spreads of 0.5.

There is an option to trade in a range of assets as well as currency pairs, including precious metals and commodities, energy products, traditional stocks and indices. This gives investors a much greater breadth of choice.

Those traders who have access to a HY Pro Trader account can expect a leverage of 200:1, while the standard amount on the other three account types is 300:1.

hy markets - online forex brokerInvestors can look forward to simple deposit and withdrawal methods thanks to HY Markets’ streamlined financial systems. Withdrawals are extremely fast and efficient, with a choice of methods from the traditional like wire transfers to more modern online methods such as PayPal, Skrill, MoneyBookers and WebMoney. All that is required is the completion of a simple online form in order to facilitate withdrawal, however dependant upon bank security checks, it is important to note that cleared funds may not appear in a trader’s account for up to 10 working days.

HY Markets is proud to offer an excellent customer support service which is available on working days 24 hours a day. With different contact options available, including telephone, email and online chat, there is easy and rapid access to multi-lingual and informed staff who can communicate in many local languages including English, Chinese and Russian.

Uniquely, HY Markets offer a section of their website which is dedicated towards the education of novice investors. With helpful glossaries, video tutorials and useful articles, those new to Forex trading can learn more about how to hone their skills.

HY Markets also offer a range of up to the minute live services, from Reuters news reports to live market prices. There is also the option for direct text alerts straight to the investor’s mobile phone. Their advanced charting tools and systems enable investors to obtain a competitive edge in the market and to assist in maximising profits.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing HY Markets for Forex Trading?

Investors can benefit in several ways when they choose HY Markets as their first choice of Forex broker.

They offer a range of trading platforms, all with user friendly interfaces.
Trading platforms can be accessed while on the move through mobile devices.
As they are regulated by the FCA, HY Markets are proven to be reliable and reputable.
Depending on the account type chosen, there is a choice of leverages available.
A highly efficient and multi-lingual customer service team that can be accessed 24 hours a day Monday to Friday
Withdrawal and deposit services have been streamlined and are very efficient.
There are several means of depositing and withdrawing funds including online methods like PayPal.
Investors can choose to trade in other assets as well as foreign currencies including precious metals, traditional stocks, indices and commodities.
Traders have access to a range of helpful educational resources.
There is up to the minute access to live market news and prices.