Fibonacci Pivot Strategy

The Fibonacci pivot Strategy is trading strategy that combines the use of both the popular Fibonacci sequence and pivot point to trade forex. They are decisive points on charts where the price action may witness strong support or resistance and if knocked out of order it can signify strong moves. If you’re presently in a trade or trying to commence a trade, it’s essential for you to be aware of the time when prices are close to this Fibonacci pivot points.

This article discusses the mode of operation of the Fibronacci pivot strategy and explains how you can buy or sell using this strategy. You can apply this strategy into your trading whether you are engaged in a day trading or swing trading. Fibonacci retracement levels are well received by forex traders and are very popular. Most experienced traders cannot do without the use of the Fibonacci and pivot point trading. The main reason behind this is that, Fibonacci retracement levels and pivot points are frequently taken as an all inclusive trading strategies.

Although Fibonacci Retracement and the Pivot Points are often confused as one trading strategy, they are not.  It is a combination of two divergent trading methods with the horizontal price levels generated through Fibonacci retracement levels. The pivot points are regularly estimated with the use of an entirely different methods and formulas. Nevertheless, both the fibronacci retracement levels and the pivot points create the precise derivative support and resistance levels that forex traders can leverage on as signals of potential retracement twists or as zones to anticipate breakouts.

Fibonacci retracements can be traded as a breakout prospect or as a retracement leap. Whichever method you decide to use, the two of them have clear cut locations for placement of the stop loss in a way related to many support/resistance trading methods. Fibonacci levels can as well be utilized as profit targets for accessible open trades. Pivot points are calculated mathematically from the preceding day’s data which incorporates the preceding day’s high, Low and close. The key pivot point (PP) is estimated by calculating the mean value of the high, low and close of the price action of the preceding days.
From the PP, four other principal pivot points are estimated. Two of the pivot points are placed on top of the principal PP and two are [positioned underneath the principal PP. The pivot point levels above are designated as R1 and R2. The R represents resistance.
The two pivot levels underneath the main PP are the S1 and S2. The S represents the Support. Frequently, these pivot points are additionally extended to R3 and S3. It is easy to get an online pivot point calculator online. A good numbers of charting software can as well estimate the pivot points.

Nonetheless, it is it is better to be aware of how these numbers are estimated as a forex trader. This will help the trader to understand the variables utilized in their calculation.

The rules used in Fibonacci Pivot Strategy

Many traders are already familiar with how to trade with the Fibonacci retracement tool but not many traders know how to use the Fibonacci pivot strategy tool. Irrespective of this, they are more accurate trade signal than the than Fibonacci retracement alone. The Fibonacci pivot strategy assists traders to recognize potential entry points and also profits entry points. It will also help traders to forecast, future price action. Forex traders who trade with the Elliott Wave theory must know how to trade forex with the use of the extension tool.

The Fibonacci extension strategy can be utilized to trade all time frames and can be traded from the five minute chart, the daily chart and weekly chart. Nevertheless, it functions better when used to trade on the daily chart.

The Fibonacci pivot strategy functions with the use of three reference points. When there is a bullish trend on the market, the trader considers the last low to the most current high and reverses to the most current low. This usually offers to the trader a top side conservatory approach. If the price movement is bearish, the trader takes their most current high, the previous low and then reverses to the most current high. This would result to  a downside conservatory.

What commonly happens is that it bounces back to the 100 percent Fibonacci pivot extension strategy, which are equivalent supports from the high/lows. Experience shows that the 100 percent Fibonacci extension level has higher potential to hold than the 50 percent Fibonacci retracement level.

The good part of trading with Fibonacci pivot strategy is that it has a higher prognostic level of the market direction. Nevertheless, this article discusses how to use this trading strategy together with or in convergence with the pivot points. The pivot points here are not arithmetic expressions, but pivot points is generated when there is a strong day market direction followed by a complete opposite trend the next day and commencing a new market trend.


The purchasing rules:

  • Do not buy until the 100 percent Fib extension is attained;
  • To get more accurate, don’t buy till the daily close, however, it is not compulsory.
  • You need to only enter the market in convergence with a Pivot Point; In so far as you stay above the pivot point, the signal stays valid even though you might make a profit at a point a bit below the 100 percent Fib extension.
  • Stop Loss is equivalent to 10 pips under the Pivot Point;
  • Take profit is equivalent to 50 percent retracement;

The rules for selling with Fibronacci pivot strategy:

  • Wait for the 100 percent Fib extension to be attained;
  • For improved accuracy wait for the daily close, but it’s not compulsory;
  • Go into the market only in convergence with a Pivot Point; In so far as you stay under the pivot point, the signal continues to remain valid. However, you may break a little bit on top of the 100 percent Fib extension
  • Stop Loss is equal to 10 pips above the Pivot Point;
  • Take profit is equal to 50 percent retracement


In the chart above, we observe a pleasant purchasing opportunity and although we may to some extent break the equal supports or the 100 percent Fib conservatory, we continued to stay on top of the pivot point and eventually, it walked off to our mark. In the second instance, we can observe that it’s an extension from the first instance, but in this instance by drawing the Fibonacci extension levels from the successive waves, a back-up prospect came up after we have taken our profits from the extended position.

Daily Fibonacci Pivot Strategy Price Action Trading

Price action occurs as a result of the operation of the top players in the financial market like the central banks and commercial banks together with the very large traders with extra-large million-dollar accounts. These top players in the financial marketing rely on levels. The key players in the financial market may use different strategies, indicators, fundamental analysis and much more, but at the start of the day to day trading or the trading period they concentrate on, they basically watch out for one particular thing on their chart which is the price levels. They watch the levels at which they have firm price that is likely to react, and levels at which they have decided to enter or exit the market.


The top players in the market concentrate mainly on authentic price levels, instead of on the indicators or financial systems.

A more detailed description of these levels:


Periodic Highs and Lows


This indicates the highs and lows attained in the preceding period. For instance, you may plot the preceding week’s highest and lowest price point attained, looking forward to a reaction at these farthest levels.


Support and Resistance Levels


This can be planned in the future, depending on where price previously establish either support or resistance.


Round Numbers


These means larger price levels culminating in zero, for instance 1.5150 and so on. Very influential levels at which to anticipate a reaction, and once more, we can plan them across FUTURE price levels, contrary to a few form of lagging indicator.


Pivot Points

The pivots are not commonly utilized by loads of traders and this is great loss to them. It is very beneficial if you know how to use it especially for the higher timeframe pivots. Pivot points help to divide the present period into levels based on the preceding period’s price extremes. It is related to Periodic Highs and Lows, but plots the different intermediary points where price can be anticipated to react.


Fibonacci Numbers


This is another predicting indicator instead of lagging indicator with a long and attractive history. These are the key levels to anticipate as a trader of price action. The Daily Fibonacci Pivot Strategy makes use of standard Fibonacci retracements in convergence with the daily pivot levels to obtain trade entries. This strategy is utilized to enter the trade in convergence with the daily pivot points and Fibonacci retracements. Some of the favorable parameters utilized by the traders are 38 percent or 50 percent Fibonacci points that are in confluence with the daily central pivots.


Similar to every other free forex trading strategy, this trading strategy can be explained in varieties of ways given its various variations. Nevertheless, experienced traders make use of the daily Fibonacci pivot strategy to boost the likelihood opening coming from relaxing the trade entry requirements in a subsequent ways. The samples below indicate entries at the 38 percent, 50 percent and 62 percent Fibonacci retracement levels in confluence with the daily central pivot.


As with all free forex strategies, there are many possible interpretations and variations. To begin with, search for a trading opening on any currency pair for which the average true range in the preceding day’s trading session has been at its peak for the last five days.

The entry requirements on this strategy are presented below:

  • anticipate for an entry on any currency pair where the mean true rangefor the past five day period has been surpassed in the preceding day’s trading session
  • at the beginning of the presenttrading session draw fibs:

– from the preceding day’s low to high, if price is presently above the current day’s central pivot

– from the preceding day’s high to low, if price is presently under the current day’s central pivot

  • Search for a convergenceof Fibonacci retracement levels with the day by day central pivot. As soon as the price is recognized after go back over to the convergence, you can enter the trade or wait for the established candle signals to be able to convergence before the entry. Despite, the fact that entering the trade prior to an established signal is a great risk, taking a great risk is linked with higher returns. You can get better reward in the shape of higher reward to risk ratio if you enter the trade without waiting for confirmation indicator. However, it is as well very risky to do this.

Let’s examine a few charts to observe the mode of operation:

The first chart shows a long entry at the convergence of the 38 percent Fibonacci retracement and the day by day central pivot:


You can enter through any of the two ways, either by purchasing at the first touch of that level, or waiting until the morning star candle formation has formed. Whichever entry you choose would result to a potential target at the 127 percent Fibonacci extension level, which was readily attained.

The recommended stop loss for these trading is at the back the Fibonacci level one level further from where you take the trade. In this instance, it would be equivalent to the 50 percent retracement level, with some extra pips gained for cushioning effect.

The next trade illustrates the turnaround setup of the preceding trade, with a sell happening at the convergence of the 38 percent retracement and the day by day central pivot:


This was an excellent system due to the large drop that happened in the earlier trading session. As the preceding trading session witnessed a huge slump, this is comparatively a good and more beneficial association. The slump in the preceding session incorporated many things to the alternating market sentiments that would have offered so much towards a choice to sell the currency pair as early as possible. That drop indicated an alteration in sentiment which would have boosted the sell potential.

This could be the fresh strategy for the majority of the beginning and novice forex traders. Thus, it is essential for them to check and reexamine your entries in a live demo account before you delve into the live market.

Another instance, once more, a sell after an extensive run down the previous day of trade:


In this instance, the sell happen at the 50 percent retracement level, despite the fact that it is not ideal convergence with the day by day central pivot. Irrespective of this, a an excellent evening star pattern happened with both the day by day central pivot and the 50 percent retracement level being valued before entering the market.


The last instance shows a convergence of the central pivot with the 62 percent retracement level, in addition to old lows at the left hand side of the chart:


This is an instance of where the pivot level can be utilized in convergence with the day by day central pivot. In this scenario, price go back over again to retrace the entry-level on the subsequent day, but you ought to have taken profit out of the trade by then, if you have not gone out of trade at complete profit.

Just like every innovative trading strategy, and in especially free forex strategies, before you start to make use of the strategy, try to completely do back test and live test with a demo account before practicing this in real live trading if you find it an attractive trading strategy to engage in.

Daily Fibonacci Pivot Strategy and Its Benefits

Traders make use of the day by day Fibonacci Pivot strategies can merge the everyday pivot levels with regular Fibonacci retracements to discover trade entries. The best combination for traders is the daily central pivot with 38 percent and 50 percent Fibonacci retracement levels.

There are a number of variations and potential explanations for this specific strategy just like in all other forex trading strategies. Below are a few of general guidelines or rules traders must look out for even as they trade with this strategy. Forex traders can as well free the entry requirements in this instance to unlock new opportunities.