A Beginner Trader’s Guide to Forex Trading with InstaForex

InstaForex are based in Russia and, since their establishment in 2007, they have registered more than 2 million traders all over the world. Today, they are one of Asia’s most popular and well known Forex brokers and every day, more than 1000 new traders sign up to their expert brokering services. InstaForex are an award winning broker and have received, among many other accolades, the Best Broker in Asia award, so investors can rest assured that their money is completely safe on InstaForex’s secure trading platforms.

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  • On-line since: 2007
  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Regulation: FFMS

Which Account Types are Offered by InstaForex?

InstaForex ensure that both newcomers to the money market and experienced traders alike can take advantage of one of their many account types. They offer a range of different types according to investors’ needs, with beginners being recommended to take out an Insta.Eurica account which has no spread, allowing investors to get a deeper understanding of the way the money market works before taking out a more complex account.

The Cent.Standard and Cent.Eurica accounts are also suited to beginners as they only require a minimal trade volume, enabling investors to limit any risk while trying out a range of strategies.

The Insta.Standard account is perfect for both novices and experts as there are three different account types within this category, all of which allow investors to deposit an amount which suits their needs. By depositing just $1, inexperienced traders can access the Micro Forex account, while $100 opens a Mini Forex account. Those with more experience can deposit $1000 and open a Standard Forex account.

Any traders who want to try out the trading platforms without making any financial commitment can try out a demo account first.

Which Trading Platforms are Available?

Meta Trader 4 is the main trading platform offered by InstaForex, and there are few online trading platforms which are so popular or so well known. Known for its user friendly interface and user benefits including useful analytical and charting tools as well as fully customisable options, Meta Trader 4 is perfect for use by both experienced investors and newcomers to Forex trading. Its advantage is that it can be used both from a PC and on mobile devices so it meets the needs of traders when they are on the move.

The WebTrader platform is also offered by InstaForex and this platform is useful in that it can modified in three different ways depending on the trading approach of the individual investor. IFX Options Trade can also be downloaded by those who wish to buy and sell options in a simple and convenient way.

Other Useful Information About InstaForex

instaforex - top brokerInstaForex’s investors are not only restricted to trading in foreign currency pairs, but can also try their hands at maximising their profits by trading a broad range of other assets including commodities, stocks and indices.

Placing money into accounts and withdrawing funds is also quite simple with InstaForex, however investors must use the same method for both putting in and taking out money. There is a good choice of methods on offer including those traditional methods like credit and debit cards and money transfers as well as the new and popular online methods like Skrill, Neteller and MoneyBookers. There is no fee for depositing Bitcoins into accounts and these can also be used.

InstaForex make sure that they offer excellent bonuses and incentives, not only to new investors but also to those who are already loyal customers. They offer different types of deal including Volume bonuses and Welcome deals and these are very attractive when looking for a good Forex broker.

The InstaForex website has a range of good educational resources including training videos and courses to help new traders to learn some skills and hone strategies. They also have a helpful trading simulator which helps give investors a competitive edge.

What is the InstaForex Customer Service Experience Like?

When choosing a Forex broker, customer service options are important to consider. InstaForex take their customer service seriously and gear their helplines towards both European and Asian customers’ needs. Their team is multi-lingual, speaking not only popular languages like English but also some less common languages like Spanish making accessing the necessary assistance really easy.

InstaForex can be contacted 24 hours a day and there are lots of different contact methods including telephone helplines, email support, online chat facilities, and even a useful Skype option. They also supply several departments’ contact numbers to help investors to immediately access the right support for their needs without having to speak to several representatives first.

Why Should I Choose InstaForex for Forex Trading?

Traders choosing InstaForex can expect to benefit from numerous advantages:

There are several trading platforms available through InstaForex, including the ever-popular and fully customisable MetaTrader suited to both novices and experienced investors.
InstaForex are an award winning broker.
Their website offers an excellent range of training resources and videos as well as a useful trading simulator.
There are many ways in which the 24 hour customer support team can be accessed including the useful Skype option.
There are many methods open to traders for withdrawing and depositing funds including traditional and online methods.
There is the option to trade in a range of assets as well as foreign currencies, including stocks, indices and commodities.
Both new and existing investors can benefit from InstaForex’s range of excellent bonus and incentive deals.